Experiments in generative art and web promotion

"Happy Birthday Sandra"About a year ago I begin experimenting with ActionScript working on a small project where letters would be converted to art. I don’t recall where the idea came from but I thought it’d be interesting and something unusual to play with. Part of my original motivation was to create a project that utilized HTML5 to drum up some buzz, it being the big thing at the time. It didn’t quite have the chops that I was looking or I just didn’t find them. I was able to move faster in Flash anyhow. Life got in the way as it does and the project got lost in shuffle for a bit.

Bring us to today, about a year later and you can see the final product, at least in its current iteration, here: http://www.stringdna.com/.

I’m pretty stoked to see it live. Thanks to the help of my team at C+G.

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