Deco Sketch 1

1 down, 4 to go.

Deco Sketch is officially up for sale on the Android Marketplace. Since this is the second real post on my blog, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

Deco Sketch is a generative drawing application built for tablets. Through play and experimentation, It gives anyone, artist or otherwise, the ability to create something beautiful or chaotic. It provides a relaxing zen experience of sorts watching the shapes grow on screen as you draw on the glass. It’s art, that creates art. Man that sounds so “new age”. In other words, its an abstract drawing app.

The app started as a test to see what sort of performance I could get publish an AIR app to iPad. I enjoyed playing with it as did the people I shared it with so I figured why not build a full app. The was no set goal really, just experimentation that eventually formed into something cohesive.  That’s the approach I’m enjoying these days. It’s a nice break from creative briefs, schedules, wire-frames and deadlines. Right now, its about the process.

The initial release was built specifically for the iPad. I submitted it to the App Store for review on Monday, January 9th. While waiting for word from Apple, I moved onto developing the Android version. Things got a little tricky considering the multitude of screen resolutions it would end up on. I think its pretty bullet-proof though and should work across the board now. This means its ready for iPhone as well and I’ll be updating the app for iOS shortly after the first version goes live.

If all goes as planned, it will end up on Amazon, NOOK and BlackBerry’s app marketplaces as well. I’ve got applications in at 2 of the 3 right now. In the meantime I’m working on a proper website for promotion and support.

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