Motion Sketch – Interactive Video Installation

On Saturday November 17, 2012 I’m debuting my first openFrameworks project using Kinect. Actually It’s my first openFrameworks project and my second time using the Kinect. My original plan was to create a motion version of Deco Sketch. That proved to be a bit ambitious so I chose to go simple instead.

I have some ideas on how to include setting controls at a later date. I don’t want to go the “hold your hand here for 3 seconds” button route. The approach has always seemed awkward to me. There’s gesture controls in OpenNI for “click” but even then, I want to avoid it. One idea I had was to bring a radial menu system up when your hands came together. Another thought as a “parting the curtains” sort of just. Almost like a swim movement with your arms. Hands together and the spread apart to open the menu. Bring them back together to collapse it. I still haven’t worked out the “click” though in this approach. Back to the drawing board I guess.

Generative Art Prints For Sale

I just setup a store at Society6 with some new generative art pieces I’ve been working on. You can order framed prints, canvases, iPhone cases, t-shirts and various other mediums. Here’s a few of the pieces. Head on over to my shop to check out the rest.

Grid Glitcher

I was playing with code the other day with the intention of building some new plugins for Resolume. I got sidetracked and ended up mashing the code into something completely different and unexpected. It’s generates images that look similar to this. Each time you click the stage you get something completely different.

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The Search for a Text Mosaic Effect

I’m working on visuals for a couple electro house tracks that will be used on the tour of an act I’m not sure I can mention. I was given 2 tracks to work with and some reference and loose direction. Which is good, and bad. One of them I just ran with and came up with some good ideas and motion to go with it. The other, not so much.

The reference I was given was of text mosaics that make up faces. Its a cool look but I’ve been struggling on where to take it with motion and how to get that effect. To my knowledge, there are no plugins that do this for video. I found a cool application (windows only) called Textaizer Pro that creates a similar effect in static form. There’s plenty of control for tweaking and getting a specific look. The output is pretty cool and the app works well. The best part, its free. It’s shareware ( I haven’t heard or used that word in years ) from APP Helmond which is awesome. I definitely appreciate the time put into it.

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Deco Sketch 1

1 down, 4 to go.

Deco Sketch is officially up for sale on the Android Marketplace. Since this is the second real post on my blog, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

Deco Sketch is a generative drawing application built for tablets. Through play and experimentation, It gives anyone, artist or otherwise, the ability to create something beautiful or chaotic. It provides a relaxing zen experience of sorts watching the shapes grow on screen as you draw on the glass. It’s art, that creates art. Man that sounds so “new age”. In other words, its an abstract drawing app.

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