Motion Sketch – Interactive Video Installation

On Saturday November 17, 2012 I’m debuting my first openFrameworks project using Kinect. Actually It’s my first openFrameworks project and my second time using the Kinect. My original plan was to create a motion version of Deco Sketch. That proved to be a bit ambitious so I chose to go simple instead.

I have some ideas on how to include setting controls at a later date. I don’t want to go the “hold your hand here for 3 seconds” button route. The approach has always seemed awkward to me. There’s gesture controls in OpenNI for “click” but even then, I want to avoid it. One idea I had was to bring a radial menu system up when your hands came together. Another thought as a “parting the curtains” sort of just. Almost like a swim movement with your arms. Hands together and the spread apart to open the menu. Bring them back together to collapse it. I still haven’t worked out the “click” though in this approach. Back to the drawing board I guess.

Kinect Ghosts

Here’s a look at my first Kinect project. It’s a simple game for up to 2 people where the goal is to “pop” all the ghosts. I projected it on a piece of Poly Stretch (essentially spandex) in my garage. Great cheap material for screens if you need it. You can pick it up at Rose Brand.

The app was written in ActionScript using the AIRKinect Native Extension.  I’m reading a few different books right now on integrating the Kinect with both Processing and openFrameworks. I’m not quite where I want to be with either language so It was quicker to build with AS3. While it did the job, the poor frame-rate of the Flash Player reminded why I picked up those books. I can’t deny however the ease in getting something up and running quickly and the satisfaction in waving your hand in front of a screen and seeing the visual response. Very motivating.