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Corum + Guerrette

A small web shop in Downtown LA

In January of 2009 Morgan Corum and myself finally did what we’d been talking about for 3 years, start a company. C+G was born. We had the honor of working on a variety of creative projects with various clients and agencies throughout LA. We flexed our creative muscles did extra reps for bonus points and ultimately came out stronger on the other end.

At our peak we were a small ship with 4 guys working out of the old Crocker Bank building now know as the Spring Arts Tower in Downtown LA. Our focus was on rock solid minimal Flash content for the web.

The realities of running a business, managing a team, getting new work and keep everyone’s bills paids came to a head in the end of 2010 when we closed up shop. It was a good 2 year run and I learned a great deal from the experience.

Check out the C+G site to see some of our projects.