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Hero for a summer

Setting up shop in Santa Monica

Backward Heroes are long time clients and good friends. I’ve been working with Ryan Antista and Dave Nichols on various entertainment projects since 2007. Ryan has incredible design sense and keeps things fresh. He’s good at coming up with crazy ideas too pushing me to improve my development skills.

I packed up my home office and moved in for a few months over the summer of 2012. My role was production manager which entailed managing all aspects of development including wireframing, UI and UX, resource management, client relations and programming.

A few of the projects we put together (these are all Flash sites):

Roadside Attraction’s Branded - Did you know you could change the content of a website by scanning a QR code? Give it a try ;)

Roadside Attraction’s Stand Up Guys - You can never go wrong with Pacino and Walken.

Warner Brothers Digital H+ Map App – Interactive Map that follows the events of the series story.

Backward Heroes