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String DNA

Your words visualized

String DNA is a data visualization project built by Corum + Guerrette that generates an image from a short string of text. While brainstorming an internal art project, we thought rather than using a large data set to create something intriguing, what’s the smallest bit of data we could use?  What could we do with something as simple as a name?

Pursuing that concept we established a few ground rules: No use of random numbers, no arbitrary hard-coded values and no pre-made graphic assets. That left us with one value to play with, the position of the letters in the alphabet, A=1, B=2, etc…Therefore using a string totaling no more than 26 characters, each letter creates a singular design. Furthermore, the visual output of each letter evolves based on both the preceding and following letter. This creates an ever-evolving output where no two words look alike and even the difference of one letter can result in a completely new design.

So what does your name look like? Go check it out.