2012 – The year of redirection.

I put this blog up about 6 months ago to jump on the “I’m a blogger” bandwagon. Based on a few tweets and articles I tripped over, writing articles for well-known blogs or your own was a recommendation to drive traffic to your site. While I’ve no doubt that’s true, I felt like a square peg jamming myself trough a round hole. I did it anyway and wrote a couple “buzz” pieces, the early posts on this blog. I’ve decided to leave them there. Seems like silly history that you should know about me.

2011 was shall we say, lame. A little better than 2010 but not by much. I started a small design studio with my partner Morgan, C+G, in January of 2010. Probably one of the worst times to do so following the housing crisis. My wife and I bought a house during that crisis and got a great deal. Problem is I had to pay the mortgage and work was drying up. The release of the all mighty iPad and Steve Jobs open letter to the world on how much Flash sucked had a lot to do with it.

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Experiments in generative art and web promotion

"Happy Birthday Sandra"About a year ago I begin experimenting with ActionScript working on a small project where letters would be converted to art. I don’t recall where the idea came from but I thought it’d be interesting and something unusual to play with. Part of my original motivation was to create a project that utilized HTML5 to drum up some buzz, it being the big thing at the time. It didn’t quite have the chops that I was looking or I just didn’t find them. I was able to move faster in Flash anyhow. Life got in the way as it does and the project got lost in shuffle for a bit.

Bring us to today, about a year later and you can see the final product, at least in its current iteration, here: http://www.stringdna.com/.

I’m pretty stoked to see it live. Thanks to the help of my team at C+G.